The sea gulls soar and squawk loudly in the air

As they dart and dive

Between the coming and going of the ocean waves


Fish smells cling to each moisture particle

Hanging heavy in the air

Undeniably branding the sea breeze


A distant tugboat hidden deep in the heavy morning mist

Slowly sounds its foghorn

And teams with the splashing surf

To create the unique misty circumstance of the harbor ambiance


The wind plays its rhythmic song against the bows of the moored sailboats

Creating a constant clanging as the boats rock in unison

In protest of their captivity by the docks


The dark silhouettes of regal ancient buildings

Stand calmly on the harbor edge

Undisturbed by the water, air, sound, and smells


The waiting flagpole joins in the clanging song of the sailboats

As the pristine sailors launch their flag slowly in robotic unison

Respectfully hoisting it to the pole’s top


An eerie yet peaceful feeling of history and mystery

Fills every space between the fog

And seeps deep into ones very soul


It is a beautiful beginning everyday that sets a most appropriate stage

For great world leaders to teach, study, train, and plan

World strategies for freedom and peace


A favorite place for both seagulls and I

Forever alive and savored in my memories eye

The routine morning salute and presenting of the United States flag

At Newport Naval Station, Rhode Island


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