I worked in my garden with God today

It is amazing how He makes it all grow

He watered it so nicely yesterday

Now I am taking out weeds as we go


I am always careful to thank Him sincerely

For the world He has rented to me

His guiding hand always given so kindly

For whatever the need may be


It took a lot of courage

But a question I had to concede

“I appreciate Your care for my vegetable voyage

But why must You also grow the weeds?”


God smiled at me with a compassionate smile

But He did not speak as I wished

I continued my labor for a while

Weeding in quiet redemptive peace


As we finished for the day

With joy, beauty, and gratification

I realized how in God’s subtle way

He had taught me a valuable lesson


Without the bad

We cannot appreciate the good

Without the sad

How do we measure happiness, as we should?

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