I was asked to write this poem for the consecration service of the new First United Methodist Church facility in Killeen a few years ago.  The creek at the bottom of the hill is in Methodist Park.  The three crosses are on the path between the park and the Church.

The wind whispers through the Oak trees
Dipping briefly to stir the creek water
Before racing up the hillside
Three crosses stand
Broadcasting their eternal story
While the wind slows slightly
Bowing low in quiet reverence
Bursting to a roar
In a swift upward lift from the crosses’ feet
The wind reveals renewed vigor
And determined direction
It quickly engulfs the church
That stands on the hill so beautiful and grand
With panoramic views across the land

Cradling it lovingly in its arms
It gives honor to the missions anxiously anticipated
And recognition to its consecrated holiness
The wind that began with the whispered prayers of a few
Roar with the excited shouts of more
Then explodes with the dedicated and arduous efforts
Of many of the past, present, and future
Entrusted and empowered with a new consecrated vessel
All embark on the voyage with comfortable assurance
While facing the expected and unexpected
Faithfully knowing it is not without immeasurable reward

To the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Homage to The Holy Trinity
Is now and shall always be duly given

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