I am proud to say that my husband, SKIP BLANCETT, has been an outstanding leader, through truth and by example, the entire time I have known him.  We have been married for 47 years as of last May, and I cannot count all the “beautiful flowers that have bloomed” due to his influence and example throughout these years.

 I wrote the following poem some years ago when disappointed with the dishonesty of a  person in a leadership role.  It was a sad truth that I had not seen before that time and it was a struggle to find understanding.  I am posting this poem now as a testament to the honest, moral character, and outstanding leadership example I have witnessed personally in Skip all these years.

Skip is also the hardest working individual I have ever known and will give of himself whatever it takes to help someone, to solve a problem, to help make a situation better, or whatever positive difference it is within his power to do.  I have seen him do it over and over again.  If it is possible at all, he will accomplish it at all personal cost.  Unfortunately, not everything can be fixed quickly and not everything can be fixed to please everyone.  I can say that I know he will not give up trying.

With all this said, I am asking each of you to vote for Skip to be re-elected  Mayor in the May 7th election.  Everyone’s vote will be needed due to the possibility of numerous write-in mistakes. Many could see just one name on the ballet to mark and might not think to write in a name.  We are doing everything we know to make it easy.  We need all the help we can get. Tell your friends and neighbors to vote!  Personally take them to vote if necessary.  Thank you for all you do. This is so very important for the best future of Salado.


Gayle Blancett


In the name of power

Compromises are made

Twisted truths come down in a shower

As words are shaped to reflect a slightly different shade


What is this power driven monster

Hidden beneath the surface so smug

That constantly mistruths bolster

Could it be the simple need of an admiring hug?


Our trusted leaders

Great responsibilities hold

Certainly they should be truth creators

For such character one must be very bold


True and lasting power is among the fruit that is given

It blooms in life as a most beautiful flower

A sweet bread created with a truth leaven

For all of humanity to devour


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