Proverbs 12:14 (NIV) 

From the fruit of his lips a man is filled with good things as surely as the work of his hands rewards him.

On a cold snowy December afternoon, I got out of my car in the wide-open, windy, industrial area parking lot of the United Parcel Distributing Center, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  The warehouse, designed to streamline the handling of increased seasonal bulk, had been set up with a conveyor belt and efficient wrap-around waiting line.  It was difficult and exhausting to make the hike from the car, laden with awkward and delicately balanced packages.  The thought of seeing this enormous task to completion gave me the additional energy needed.  Upon completion, I sighed with relief and practically skipped toward my car to return home.


While basking in joy, my eyes were captured and held hostage by an elderly woman wearing an outdated, mothball scented coat, balancing herself against the icy wind with a cane in one hand and holding her car door open with the other.  She was struggling with four huge packages that must have taken her days just to tape closed.  It was obvious she was attempting the impossible.  I rushed to help her. After her task had been completed and I had escorted her back to her car, she smiled and thanked me graciously.  We both went our ways never to see each other again.


The gift I had given her was much appreciated, but the gift she gave me was priceless.  She had added personal meaning to the seasonal frenzy of gift giving.  Her vivid image and the gratifying feelings I received from being able to help her at the perfect moment, had captured the essence of the season.  This nameless woman was given a place of honor in my Christmas treasure chest of precious memories.


Prayer:  Help me God, recognize the opportunities each day to act according to Your perfect example.

Thought for the Day

Unexpected fruits of our labors of love are by far the sweetest.

Prayer Focus

Unselfish motives

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