Carpets are rolled up

Shoes are picked up

Cords are covered up

Anything left is chewed up


He climbs like a cat

He smells like a rat

He found my hat

And chewed it while I sat


His teeth are like pins

When he bites he grins

He plays and wins

And knows he’s guilty of many sins


His energy is abundant

His appetite, rampant

Self-control seems reluctant

His toys are all combatant


He was the cutest puppy

Picked ‘cause he was cuddly

Fur so soft and fluffy

Eyes looking at me sweetly


Governor Casper is his name

Nothing here will ever be the same

Those sweet eyes became

A wild thing deserving much blame


We knew from the start

That very first day

He climbed into our hearts

And with us he will forever stay


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