My eyes seeped through the Willow tree

My eyes seeped through the willow tree
Walked along the grass and sand
And immersed in the cool lake water

My ears listened to the still quiet air,
The occasional passing hum of a tiny airborne insect,
And my own heartbeat, alternating with occasional intestinal rumble

My thoughts flew across the sky to the water’s other edge
Exploring the mountainside where I peeked into the mouth of a cave
To see a mysterious creature napping quietly in the dark coolness

From the porch chair I had not moved
Except my eyes to blink away the warm dry air
And my hand to swat away a fly

A rare reprieve I briefly found
Contrasting completely to the fast pace of modern noise
That most often engulfs and exhausts me




The silver morning sky slowly brightens
As the sun’s rays reach
From behind the horizon
To scout the lingering clouds

The trees stand as motionless statues
Waiting for the winds
To move them
To dance through the day

The air thickened by yesterday’s cool rain
Rises to welcome the warm sun
With a ghostly white presence
That blends with the clouds
To erase the horizon’s divide

The void of color is in
Striking contrast to the previous dawn
Yet its statement is equal to the others

It is magnificent to open ones eyes,
Breathe in a subtle grandeur,
And ponder the wonderment
Of infinite uniqueness


IMG_7720Beauty abounds

All around

But Texas terrain

Can be a pain

Prickly pears

At you stare

Waiting for you to come near
So they can stick you in the rear

Other plants anchored deep in the ground
Creep low and climb high without a sound
Resulting in rashes and itches galore
Pure misery from head to floor

Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, scorpions, and mosquitoes
Are low flying jets fully loaded with poisoned torpedoes
Dangerous rattling and coiling snake surprises
Slither from under the rocks when the temperature rises

But be aware of the two legged creatures
With cunning smiling faces, pretty and agreeable
For they can be more dangerous and deadly
Than all the Texas terrain hazards in medley




The cold morning air pushes against meIMG_0998

While recently consumed coffee resists the assault


A log now in the fireplace slowly joins in battle

Quickly followed by the rising morning light


Light snores from the other recliner

Evidence a quick morning nap stolen

After the previous restless night


The air is still quiet

In comparison to the night

But is revealing labor signs

Of a wonderful new birth


Anticipation escalates

With the accumulation of internal caffeine

And the invasion of

Agenda gathering thoughts


Anxious muscles slowly forgo resistance

Until the chair concedes

To the welcomed

Birth of a beautiful and promising new day


IMG_0699IMG_0700Grandma came to visit

She never looks the same

She lives far away

So on the plane she came


I drew her a special picture

And wrote her some words so dear

She loves these things I know

Because she always smiles with a tear


I showed her my best cartwheel

My sister played her song

My brother did his yoyo tricks

Then we giggled and hugged the night long


Grandma says we’ve grown too much

And she thinks we are all so pretty

But it is difficult to understand us

When our voices blend completely



GingerGinger is 15 years old, missing a few teeth, walks painfully, hearing is gone, hair is thinning, eyes are almost blind, and she sleeps most of the time.  She still eats hardy, tries to play with us, and gives us lots of love.  We recently bought her a playpen to keep her protected from the overly rambunctious puppy that wants to fight her for her chew bone and pull her tail.  We also got Casper (the puppy) a playpen to protect us all.

This photo was posted for those that  asked about Ginger and for those that requested more photographs for the blog.





Carpets are rolled up

Shoes are picked up

Cords are covered up

Anything left is chewed up


He climbs like a cat

He smells like a rat

He found my hat

And chewed it while I sat


His teeth are like pins

When he bites he grins

He plays and wins

And knows he’s guilty of many sins


His energy is abundant

His appetite, rampant

Self-control seems reluctant

His toys are all combatant


He was the cutest puppy

Picked ‘cause he was cuddly

Fur so soft and fluffy

Eyes looking at me sweetly


Governor Casper is his name

Nothing here will ever be the same

Those sweet eyes became

A wild thing deserving much blame


We knew from the start

That very first day

He climbed into our hearts

And with us he will forever stay