Mom showed us how to see

The beauty and mystery of the clouds

We learned to explore their magical shapes

Which ignited our imaginations

And infused us with infinite fun and adventure


She pointed out the marvel

Of the ever-changing sky

Exhibiting its powerful pallet of color

That splashes splendor to the horizons


Appreciation ignited her emotions

Spilling over into our consciousness

Forever honing our awareness

To the amazing world around us


By teaching us to see the majestic beauty

Barely comprehended and fully digested

Before morphing into another beautiful display

She instilled enduring values deep within our souls


Excitement remained firm throughout her life

As she frequently ushered us

To the edge of her driveway

For a clearer view of a cloud or sunset


Today mom looks from heaven

Peaking through the clouds

She still guides our eyes

To the exhilarating beauty above


When I look up high

I can see her sky blue eyes among the clouds

Enjoying a new perspective of beauty

As she smiles comfort down to me












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